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CATEGORY Pairs Driving:

Mr. Georg Moser Salzburg Austria: Winner of the Golden Wheel Trophy 2005 category Pairs Driving CAI-A Altenfelden 2005. Mr. Georg Moser 2 times World champion Ship Winner in Pairs Driving. World champion TEAM. Winner 2005 in Salzburg Austria.
Video: Georg Moser Austria Golden Wheel Trophy Winner 2005.

Mr. Georg Moser GOLDEN WHEEL TROPHY Winner Horses today belongs to Family WAGA and they are staying in WARKA Sielanka Farm (World Champion Ship Place Pairs Driving 2007) in Polen. The Mother of the 1st Golden Wheel Trophy Winner Horses 2005 called COMTESSA is staying in Upper Austria by Mr. Sonnleithner in Kleinzell. Mr. Georg Mosers started with his new Horses in WARKA 2007 at the World Champion Ship for Pairs Driving 2007.

CATEGORY Pony Four in Hand Driving:

Mr. Peter Schenk Austria Winner of the Golden Wheel Trophy 2005 category Pony Four in Hand Driving CAI-A Altenfelden 2005.