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  • Rules Points Golden Wheel CUP 2009 & 2010


    Competitors may compete in all competitions but only the results of the best three of all Golden Wheel CUP events will count for the overall classification. Participants in each competition will receive points as shown in the table below, next side. FINAL CUP Places will count twice.
    CAI- FINAL Partner and Sponsor of the Golden Wheel CUP must be driven to get the Final GOLDEN WHEEL CUP Trophy in Gold and the Final Golden Wheel CUP Price money.
    The winner of the series will be the participant receiving the highest number of points in three events maximum.
    Should a tie for points exist between participants for any placing in the overall classification, the competitor with the greatest number of wins will be decisive. In case of a further tie the competitor with the greatest number of second places will be decisive and so on until there are no competitors equal on points.

GOLDEN WHEEL CUP  START have to pay the locally CAI- Starter money to the locally CAI- Golden Wheel CUP Partner. IF a Starter is also Partner of Golden Wheel Place Final or locally he has to pay also the Golden Wheel CUP Organisation FEE. IF he has not payed the CAI-A Starter or Golden Wheel CUP Partner FEE he will be not Part of the Golden Wheel CUP until he pays the MONEY.