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3 Weeks after Poland has won the the Golden Wheel CUP TEAM Price, CAI-A Kladruby nad Labem Sebastian Bogacz run up in top form with his Horses LOMBARD 9 and LA SALLE. Lombard 9 and LA SALLE has won several times the CAI-A Altenfelden & the Golden Wheel Trophy in the year 2005. They are World Championship TEAM Winner in Pairs Driving 2005 in Austria Salzburg. So the Sielanka, Warka Horses today owned by Family WAGA with the Driver Sebastian Bogacz has best Chances to win addtitional CAI-A ´s 2008 and is one the KEY Favorit for the Golden Wheel CUP 2008.

Golden Wheel CAI-A Altenfelden Horses

Today the mother of Lombard 9 and LA SALLE has 3 young  FOAL'S  3 week, 1 year and 2 years LOMBARD 9 & LA SALLE MOTHER Comtessa and specially the joung foal's are happy to have such sucessfuly Sister and Brothers, but they have joung & strong power too, to win the CAI-A Altenfelden too and the Golden Wheel Trophy, CUP & Windsor in the Year 2017... More info about this strong horses, you will get from Mr. Sonnleithner Farma 0043 6643822889 in Austria.
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