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sielanka1CAI-A WARKA Prize giving Pairs Driving 7.500 EURO based on GOLDEN WHEEL CUP Co operation!
CAI-A WARKA, FINAL GOLDEN WHEEL CUP from 17th – 20th of JULY 2008.


Farma Sielanka (Warka, PL) owners – Family Waga and EQUISPORT association have successfully organized the World Pairs Driving Championship in 2007.

This year EQUISPORT association President Mr. Kazimierz Waga organize with Austria CAI-A Altenfelden Management  Team Lead by Mr. Josef Leibetseder and with  the Austria  Golden Wheel & Trophy founder Mr. Konrad Leibetseder and international CAI-A Driving Partner in Kladruby CZ Mrs. Ing. Lenka Gotthardova and Vecses HU Mr. Dr. Joszef Dobrovitz  an Golden Wheel Cup in Pairs Driving.

Competitions of Golden Wheel CUP Pairs Driving will take place in 
  • Kladruby, CZE (17th – 20th of April), 
  • Vecses, HUN (13th – 15th of June),
  • Altenfelden, AUT(19th – 22nd of June)  and
  • Farma Sielanka-Warka, PL (17th – 20th of July).
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